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The Haunted Harbor

Keeping Salem's jack-o-lanterns aflame year round.

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I feel as if Rob Zombie's depiction of my city's history is distinctly inaccurate.


Lords of Salem.  I am mildly amused at the idea of seeing how Salem will be depicted as some sort of epic goth underground wiccan kingdom, a flagship against the American norm.  I am also mildly horrified at the thought.  The protagonist is going to be a DJ.  But Salem isn’t exactly rife with clubs.  Its more like a college town with goofy tourism.

The film promises to be filled with laughs, if nothing else.

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Caller to Police: Man Dressed Like Jason Voorhees, Has Sword

May 9, 2011. Police were called to Essex and Washington streets at 1:23 p.m. Saturday after there was a report of a suspicious male party with a sword. Police said the caller told them a male party was walking around the downtown area “dressed like ‘Jason Voorhees’ from the horror movie industry” carrying a sword. When police spoke with the man, he said the sword he was carrying was made of rubber material and he was carrying it around doing a promotion for a store. Police said the man “was advised that his appearance was alarming people and advised to cease for the day.”

Salem PD logs on Salem Patch.


Lords of Salem - Rob Zombie

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On the Big Scream: ‘Rubber’ and ‘Dead Hooker’ Come to CinemaSalem


So, look it. We’re just about halfway to next Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves some good ol’ solid horror flicks, right? Right. So where does one go for their fix of gruesome goodness around these parts? Well, if we’re lucky, we need not look any further than CinemaSalem. 

CinemaSalem doesn’t always have horror films screening, but we won’t hold that against them. They’re one of the best businesses our city has to offer. Local movie goodness with a heart, CinemaSalem is known for not only bringing Tinseltown to Salem by way of a healthy mix of blockbusters and indie flicks, but they also hand out monthly grants to local causes who deserve them most. Let’s take this moment to give them a well-deserved severed hand of gratitude. 

Another way to show our thanks is by giving them our patronage. And what better way than building up our appetite for some buttery popcorn goodness and checking out their latest arrivals: French horror comedy, Rubber and the aptly named, low budget film, Dead Hooker In a Trunk

Rubber is about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers. Need I see more? Okay, fine. Directed by Quentin Dupieux, Rubber screened at Cannes Critics Week and was snatched up by Magnet for US distribution. indieWire called the film “one of the more bizarre experiments with genre in quite some time.”

Dead Hooker In A Trunk marks the first film as part of a monthly Midnight Madness, a new partnership between CinemaSalem and Boston blog, All Things Horror. Dead Hooker In A Trunk tells the story, if you would believe, of a dead hooker in a trunk as four friends have one helluva time uncovering the mystery and disposing of the body. The evening will also feature short films, Amy’s In the Attic and The Living Want Me Dead.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget: CinemaSalem has just rolled out their new loyalty program with punch cards that reward you with a free ticket for every 10th visit! Let’s get crackin’! 


Fri, May 13
(5:15), 7:159:45

Sat, May 14
(2:15), (5:15), 7:159:45

Sun, May 15
(12:30), (2:15), (5:15),7:15

Mon, May 16 - Thu, May 19
(5:15), 7:15

Dead Hooker In A Trunk

Sat, May 14

CinemaSalem | One East India Square, Salem MA

This marks the first entry to our ongoing series, On The Big Scream, where we will feature the latest upcoming movie screenings of all things horror in Salem. 

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